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If you’re as disappointed as I am that we cannot currently meet, and perhaps more than a little bored and restless at home, I have come up with a few¬†ways we can still connect, play, and share…

Virtual Date

Let’s share a lovely time together, in our own homes. Perhaps we get food from the same restaurant delivered to each of us and compare notes. Perhaps we watch a movie or tv show together and chat throughout. Perhaps we play an online game (although I’m no gamer- I’m certainly willing to learn!). Perhaps I show you my yard and we brainstorm for the landscaping I’ll never do.

Expect my usual genuine warmth, curiosity and flirtatiousness throughout. More lascivious activities will require an additional consideration. I will only be face-out with screened clients. quinndelicious @ protonmail . com to set up our date.

*please note that i am currently pregnant and you may notice that fact if we do a virtual date!*

$200/hour, additional $100/hour for anything rated R

Letters, virtual or otherwise

Maybe you like getting mail (or email) from a real live person who wants to know how you’re doing. Maybe you want to hear all about my day, the book I just finished or the recipe I just tried, and to share yours in return, with a few selfies to smile to. Maybe you want to craft a fantasy together, an exchange of naughty thoughts building on each other. I love writing, real letters or emails, and would delight in setting up a correspondence. quinndelicious @ protonmail . com to arrange our correspondence. 

$200/week for 2-4 letters and/or emails

Bespoke Erotica

Let me unleash my imagination for a full erotic short story, written just for you. Give me some ideas of what you want- perhaps it’s the two of us, upon meeting, and what we do to explore each other? Perhaps it’s something altogether out of this world! Or just give me free reign to paint you a dashing picture of my inner erotic life. Expect a short-story length piece.

$100 per erotica request, with potential add-ons at my discretion

Exciting! For the aural erotics, for an additional $100, I will record myself reading it with, ahem, lust and vigor. 

Topless Movie & Book Reviews

If there’s one thing I could always talk about, it’s books and movies, and my opinions about them. Let me enchant you with a take-down of your favorite or introduce you to a new classic. As a bonus, the entire video will be a shot of me showing my delight-inducing bazungas and enthusiastic gestures. 

I will be growing my open collection for your perusal – $15 (upon availability)

Private commissions start at $30, plus the cost of the movie or book

Erotic Musings 

Once a week, I’ll send out a short story from my own prurient mind along with accompanying exclusive pictures. I’m still getting it properly launched, but email me ( quinndelicious @ protonmail . com) and I’ll let you know when it’s live. 

$10/month, $100/year